Friday, April 2, 2010


I hate the waiting and the worrying . . .

. . .

but we all can use a little hope sometimes.

Oh, no!

We should live our life with that little hopes, right? Cause that's the way life designed for.

InsyaAllah, I'll be okay. You'll be okay. And so do WE. =)

Dont forget to say thanks to HIM, buddy. HE is watching. Waiting. Always.


Nadiene said...

lol, penuh ngan rahsia entry ni,, hu

Adila said...


if it's something to do with the result of something; well, if a lot of hard work was put into it, it's ok to hope that it will go well

if do things ala kadar, try not to hope
totally the hope will be crushes :|

won't it be better to get ready for the worse rather than hoping for something good to happen when it could or could not happen?

i do hope in a lot of things
and i mostly get crushed every time
so i'm not sure if hoping for something is something to do...

balqissy said...

fid: tak adalah rasia sangat =P hehe

Adila: thats why. WE always feel that hoping is such a useless thing to do, coz we do have a possibility to crushed but still... we live to that lil hope, right? ;)
Usaha + Doa' + Tawakkal. That lil hope is referring to that Tawakkal. God Bless, sis =D

Faisal Admar said...

a person who does not has hope, is a person who already dead.

meo188 said...

al-fatihah ke atas roh beliau..

Azuan said...

harapan tue semnagat hidup huhuu

balqissy said...

Faisal: glad that we are still alive ;)

meo188: Alfatihah jugak. tapi, kita hidup lagi, kan? kan? Alhamdulillah. =)

Azuan: yezza. ;)